The James Prattas Company

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The James Prattas Company T1O2  is a private Nano-Technology company specializing in

Research & Development of UV Protective Clothing, Melanoma Protective Clothing, Global Safety Work Clothing, Improving our everyday life through Nano Technology Systems.


Co-Creating Good future business' today is our Healthy Ideas.

Private Personal & Business Consulting is available.


Thank you for your interest in The James Prattas Company.

James Prattas

Contact Info:

The James Prattas Company

P.O. Box 2184

Kealakekua, Hawaii USA 96750-2184


1(808) 557-4833




Investment Opportunities

UV Protective Clothing Globally.


A New Space Age Clothing Company.

Warmth, Improved Blood Circulation, Detoxification, Improved Immune Response, Calming Effect, Increased Awareness, Nervous System Regulation, 100% UV Blocking, 100% Melanoma Protective Clothing.



Then I invite you to become an investor in our New Company.


Call me and we can talk all about it.

Minimum investment: $100,000 to 1M.

$10-$100million Global Investment.


A New Healthy Modern Space Age Clothing Company.


Anti-Cancer, Melanoma Protective Clothing Company.

UV Protection for Swimming and all Sports. Skiing, Cycling, Fishing, Hunting and Walking Senior Citizens.

Healing Materials for Wellbeing.


Also Space Age 21st Century Clothing for all trade markets of clothing.

From Sports, Swimming, Mountain Climbing, Trekking, Fishing, Hunting, Construction, Children, Bike riders, Pets, High Fashion, Military, Police, Firemen, Oil Industry, Postal Clerks, Yoga, Melanoma Protection Clothing and 100% UV Sun Protection Clothing.


New Healthy Niche World-Wide Market.


Thank You,

Best Regards,

James Prattas



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